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Parsa Abdollahi

Simple, yet significant!

I’m a passionate and fast learner marketing expert who enjoys being challenged and loves to work in creative spaces. Considering my passion, skills, and experiences, I’ll be the right person for the following fields:

Marketing | Advertising | Growth Hack | Product Management | R&D
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It’s all about creativity! I always try to look at things and problems in a different way; simple, yet significant!


Decisions should be made by breaking problems into several pieces and considering the connection between them. Being an analyst and data-driven is one of my greatest personal strengths.

System Thinker

To me, the short-term is “just fine”. I focus on long-term goals from the beginning of the project.

Team Player

I’m fully aware of my weaknesses as well as my strengths and I strongly believe that a perfect job accomplishes from teamwork!

Parsa Abdollahi , Parsa Abdolahi, Parsa Abdullahi , Parsa Abdulahi

Everything is Marketing!

Through my professional journey since 2016, I've worked with +10 businesses and I got to learn that as a Marketer, I should never stop learning! I've tried to get deep in various fields of Marketing, from Data analysis to graphic design & extra... below, I listed some skills that I've learned and experienced in my projects:

Scrum, SEO, Analytics, Gamification, Content strategy, Creative copywriting, Advertising campaigns (both online & offline), UX fundamentals, Print Advertising, Graphic design, and User Interface design.

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I’m always looking for new opportunities to grow and challenges to solve…

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